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Sporting performance characteristics of modern ocean racers.

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Unparalleled space and comfort - only found in much bigger boats.

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An aluminium hull provides safety for you and for the environment.

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The first 10 boats

We start building the BoE 26 this spring (2024), and aim to deliver at least 10 boats in 2024. Discover what makes this such a unique boat, and see how you can reserve a slot for one of the first 10 boats.


We want a boat that's fun to sail.
And it should be fast!
So we look to the racing circuits.

Scow... with a bit of bow

An Italian yacht designer and friend says:

"These types of vessel [scows] have been banned from competition in the past due to their superior speed. They are still banned in Class 40 and in IMOCA, but they are not banned in Mini class, and they win."

And so we start with a hull similar to the latest Minis: Wide and shallow, with a rounded bottom, almost parallel sides and hard chines brought all the way forwards. We choose to add a slight bow, designed to ease entry into large waves, and give increased buoyancy.

Sails and keel

The scow hull has a powerful righting moment, and we therefore add a generous amount of sail:

A large square top main and and a genoa add up to 50m2. And with a gennaker on a long extendable bowsprit, you get an additional 70m2.

The high aspect ratio keel reaches nearly 2m deep when extended, with 400 kg at its tip.

All in all, hull, sails, and keel add up to a potentially exhilarating sailing experience!


We want to enjoy sailing both summer and winter.
And we want to relax, be comfortable, and have fun!

Eat well

Complete kitchen with plenty of counter.

Sleep well

Two full size double beds.

Stay clean

Bathroom with separate shower.


Plenty of seating and panoramic windows.


Large, completely flat foredeck.


Deep cockpit and hard dodger.


From deep in the Norwegian mountains.
Forged to be extremely durable and long lasting.

For you

Aluminium is the preferred material for boats sailing to remote polar regions.
It resists damage from ice and rocks better than almost any other material.

It is light. It is hard. It is durable.
It will help keep you safe.

For the environment

Aluminium can be used an reused without limit. No toxic materials are used when extracting it from the mountain, nor when shaping it into a boat.

And when the boat has had a good long life - perhaps 50 years or more - then 100% of the aluminium can be melted down and reused.

Oh, and a substantial amount of the boats aluminium comes from recycled soda cans!

And still more safety for you

Rudder and engine through-hulls are isolated behind a watertight bulkhead.
And of course a watertight bulkhead behind the bow.

The swing keel also brings additional safety to you and to the boat.

And the front deck is wide and completely flush, and well secured, making handling sails or just lounging safer and easier.

Hard glass dodger

The dodger is built with hardened glass and aluminium.

It provides great shelter when in the cockpit, while allowing clear sight through.

And it admits lots of light into the interior of the boat, as well as providing easy entrance through a large sliding door.

Swing keel

1.9m deep when lowered, and only 0.8m deep when raised. You get high performance when sailing, yet easy access to shallows when needed. And the boat can dry out standing on raised keel and rudders.

Should you run aground, chances are good that little damage is done, as the keel will hing back and up. And if you get stuck, simply raise the keel enough to free yourself.

Note the reinforced deflector directly in front of the keel - for added protection against floating objects.

Electric propulsion

The electric pod engine turns with the rudder, making docking maneuvers much easier.

The batteries, which also power all internal system, may be charged through re-gen, from shore power, or with generator.

A removable gasoline generator is provided - strong enough to cruise long range and recharge the batteries.

The offer.

1.79 million NOK incl. VAT ready to sail!
~ 143.000 EUR + VAT
This is our guaranteed max price.
If we can build it for less, you will get it for less!

Basic specs

LOA7.9 m
width3.4 m
draft0.8-1.9 m
draft air13 m
displacement2000 kg
CEC pending

The offer includes

  • hull made of high quality Norwegian aluminium
    with high aspect swing keel and dual rudders
  • aluminium mast (11 m) and boom
    retractable bowsprit (2 m)
  • main sail (32 m2) - slab reefing
    genoa (18 m2) - furling
    gennaker (70 m2)
  • electric pod engine (8 kW) with re-gen
    battery bank
  • electric generator - removable, gasoline fueled
  • standard electronic navigation package
  • auto-pilot
  • bow anchor with chain on fold-out roller
    stern anchor with chain and line on fold-out roller
    docking lines
  • air condition - cooling and heating
  • 2-burner induction stove top
    oven and/or microwave
    fridge and freezer
    large sink with hot and cold water
  • toilet with electric pump and grinder
    separate shower
  • fresh water capacity 150 liters
    black water capacity 50 liters
  • mobile internet access and wifi

Optional extras

  • code zero
  • staysail
  • TV setup
  • swim platform (0.8 x 2.8 m)
  • dual steering wheels
  • cockpit table
  • cockpit bench cushions
  • Shipping world wide!

The queue.

The queue is open!

Reservation and purchase process

To reserve a slot, you deposit a down payment of 5000 NOK (~500 EUR). The payment goes towards the price of the boat.

If we cannot keep within the guaranteed max price, we will offer to refund the payment.

6 weeks before we start building your boat, we will contact you so we can set up a detailed order and give you the final fixed price in NOK or EUR. We will then ask you to pay in 20% of the price at the latest 4 weeks before build start. The remaining 80% (minus the down payment) must be confirmed payed before delivery.

If you need more time, you are free to let the next person in the queue go ahead you. You may keep doing so for 12 months before forfeiting your reservation and down payment.

The queue opens
Wednesday April 26, 20:00 CET

Countdown: ?d ?h ?m ?s

Hull nr 01Estimated build start: Q3-2024Reserved
2023-04-24 22:01 UTC
Hull nr 02Estimated build start: Q4-2024Reserved
2024-03-01 19:36 UTC
Hull nr 03Estimated build start: Q4-2024Reserve this slot
Hull nr 04Estimated build start: Q4-2024Reserve this slot
Hull nr 05Estimated build start: Q4-2024Reserve this slot
Hull nr 06Estimated build start: Q1-2025Reserve this slot
Hull nr 07Estimated build start: Q1-2025Reserve this slot
Hull nr 08Estimated build start: Q1-2025Reserve this slot
Hull nr 09Estimated build start: Q1-2025Reserve this slot
Hull nr 10Estimated build start: Q1-2025Reserve this slot

Orderly queue-ing

If 2 people attempt to pay for the same slot at the same time, then the first person to complete the payment gets it. The second person will be offered the best slot following the attempted slot. If no more slots are available, then an additional slot will be created for the second person.


Now what?

The initial consept design phase is now over, and we are currently in the "pre-sale" phase, i.e. marketing and reservations.

As soon as the 10 queue slots are filled, we will move on to the engineering phase. That is when we pass the designs on to naval architects for performance optimization, and then on to ship engineers for exact build plans. At the same time we start planning with suppliers and ship builders.

Then, in Q3-2024, we start building. The first hull may take some weeks to complete, as we fine tune our processes. After that we expect to complete a boat every 2-3 weeks.

You will be able to track the progress of your queue position here, and we will of course keep you informed directly.

But will you only build 10 boats?

No, we will build more boats.
As soon as we start building, we will open up the queue again.

Questions or suggestions?

Please send them to us.
Send an e-mail to,
and we will get back to you promptly.

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