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Would you recommend the BoE 26 to a friend?
Then consider participating in our affiliate program.

We are building a boat for the 21st century.
As such, we also want to develop a modern day sales network.

The community

We don't think dealers and dealerships are well suited for the internet age. Dealerships are a legacy system that serves neither us nor customers well. That is also why many large companies are moving away from this model.

Rather, we see that it is you, the community, we would like to talk to and to serve. You are the way forwards. And so we would rather work with you and share profits with you directly.

How it works

We give you a "promo code".

Whenever you talk about the BoE 26, write about it, share info, updates, pictures, etc, make sure to mention your promo code or share it in a link.

Inform your audience about the promo code. It will give them a 2% discount on the complete price of the boat!

You, as an affiliate, will also receive 1% or 2% (see bellow) of the complete price of the boat (ex. VAT).


We recognize that buying a boat is not a spur-of-the-moment decision for most people, and it may be that more than one affiliate contributed to the buyer coming to a decision to buy a boat.

We track first and last promo codes via a cookie on our web site. It is therefore valuable for you to share a link with the promo code (see bellow).
We also ask the customer to enter a promo code manually in the order form.

A few details:

How to get started

1) Send us an e-mail requesting an affiliate promo code. Tell us your name, e-mail, phone, country, name of channel(s).

Tell us what you would like your promo code to be. You might want it to match your channel's name, e.g. -> promo code: boats4you

2) Make sure you link to our site using a URL with the promo code such:
(Use your own code in place of "boats4you"!)

Also, you may want to tell your audience about the code, and ask that they enter it in the order form, to ensure a discount, e.g.

"Make sure to enter the promo code 'boats4you' to get a 2% discount off the complete purchase price of the boat!"
(Use your own code in place of "boats4you"!)

3) That's it! Now go ahead and talk about the boat.
You may use any pictures from our site. You may crop and resize them, but not edit them.

If you have any question about the boat itself, don't hesitate to reach out.
If you have any comments or suggestions about this affiliate program, do the same.


Q: Can friends and family use my promo code?
A: Yes, of course. They get the discount, and you will get your percentage of the sale.

Q: What kind of channels can I do this on?
A: Anywhere you might tell people about this boat. It could be a blog, a podcast, YouTube, Facebook, pictures or video on Instagram, Twitter, presentations with slides, or simply in private conversations.

Q: Do I have to have an online media channel to be an affiliate?
A: No, anyone who asks may be an affiliate. Just tell the potential buyer to use your code to get the discount.

Q: What if they mis-spell my promo code?
A: We process all orders and codes manually. If we can figure it out, we will attribute it to the correct affiliate.

Q: Can I use the promo code on a boat for myself?
A: Yes, you may. You will get the discount, but not the percentage of sale.

Q: How can I trust that you will in fact honor your agreement and pay me?
A: It is in our best interest to do so. With your permission we will share information about successful affiliate sales. Successful affiliates will motivate others to do the same.

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